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February 21st, 2007 by Rachel

it just seems that y’all (Bekah, Loin, Lin, Shan, Jen) are way better at this than me…ok i totally don’t know anything about posting pictures, movies, graphics, and honestly i don’t really have the initiative to learn right now…but i love checking out y’alls sites and adding a couple of cents here and there…gammy is here this week…she is great to have around…i am seriously tired though and i am ready for this house to be done…we are looking forward to closing in the next couple of weeks…i just want to say that God has shown me so much during this process…i want to be joyful in whatever circumstances He blesses me with…not just content but truly thankful for the gifts He bestows…these little people He has let me have for a while are completely amazing…they are so busy and smart and funny and frustrating and tiring and what was He thinking to give them to me…i just hope that people will see something in me that is great and give all the credit to Him, cause i am utterly incapable of anything good, that is for sure…with in the last 2 weeks benjamin fell off a swing set and needed a trip for xrays to make sure the foot he wouldn’t walk on wasn’t broken and gracie pulled a little table over onto her forehead and gashed it open in two places and busted her lip requiring some sterile strips (thankfully no stiches)…and i am so exhausted i will try to think of something good to write tomorrow..for now i must away if i plan to function at all in the morning (the kids get up about 6:00 these days)…praise the Lord oh my soul and forget not all His benefits!

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  1. jkpstrange

    Wonder of all wonders, a new post.

    I was thinking just yesterday on the marvelous oddity of God granting us these “busy and smart and funny and frustrating and tiring” little people for a span of time. What a privilege to love them, and a responsibility to raise them. Oh my. And who knows what will come of them?

    It’s a job to get my thoughts right about that: I look at 10-week-old Noel and wonder what God will do with him, begging our Lord to spend him mightily and even now rather aware of the heartache that spending will undoubtedly cost me. Suddenly occurred to me that the Father knows a lot about that heartache–that the little inkling of it I felt yesterday at the dreamy realization that Noel will die one day is nothing compared to the Father’s wrenching as Jesus went to the cross.

    So bring on the crosses, if only that others might be redeemed by them; this mother will weep, but she’ll be comforted by the Comforter.

  2. Lin

    Hooray…a new post…guess all we had to do was ask! :)
    I know you’re enjoying Gammy’s visit. As the time is approaching to close on the house & have a new little one, I’ve been praying that the Lord would keep you & sustain you. FYI – I’m feeling much better today! ;)

    Jen, having these precious kiddos has also made me think about “the Father’s wrenching as Jesus went to the cross.” What an amazing love He has for us!

  3. Rachel

    thasnks for the encouraging responses… girlies!

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