An open letter to the makers of Ro-tel

August 17th, 2009 by Rachel

dear people who make rotel
you make a great product, really you do. i use it in more meals than not, but there is just one thing i have a problem with. hot rotel. original rotel is practically perfect. not too hot, but hot enough so i don’t really understand the possibility that anyone would actual want a hot rotel, let alone the practically tasteless “mild” version you waste time stocking. the only time i have purchased the a fore mentioned alternatives (and in my opinion substandard products) was out of desperation. the shelf marked original had none-not a single can! so thinking that mild or hot would “do in a pinch” i purchased some of each. i later found out that neither comes close to doing the trick. in fact the market already offers “mild” rotel-it is called diced tomatoes. and now to the real point-hot rotel is not rotel at all. you have falsely led the american consumer to beleive that you have created a rotel that is merely a bit hotter. i would think increasing the chilis by 50% would be more than enough to suffice in producing a hot version of rotel, but NOOOOOO! you didn’t even use chilis…you used habaneros. not really the same pepper. well maybe technically the same kind of pepper but not really. green chilis used in original rotel are just right. i do like hot, but habaneros are HOT! not the same flavor. not a hot version of the product we all love, an entirely DIFFERENT product all together. please consider removing both redundant items from the shelf so there will be more room for the real rotel.
rachel hood

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  1. Elizabeth

    You make me laugh. I usually buy the mild because I am a spice wimp.

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